Accurate and Easy

Sleep Time by Azumio is an alarm clock that monitors and analyzes your sleep cycles to wake you up in the lightest sleep phase, allowing you to wake feeling rested and relaxed. Utilizing the iPhones accelerometer, Sleep Time by Azumio, senses your subtle movements throughout the night and graphs your sleep cycles.

Everyone goes through a number of deep sleep and light sleep phases during the night. Depending on the phase you are in when you are woken, you either feel relaxed and rested or tired and irritable. Sleep Time by Azumio monitors your sleep phases and will alert you during a 30- minute window that you define at your lightest sleep cycle ensuring you feel great every morning.

Sleep Time was developed using proven sleep science and has worked with Stanford University to create a best-in-class, proprietary algorithm that analyses your sleep cycles.

Sleep Time also saves your sleep data and displays a detailed sleep graph and statistics for every night you use it.

Keeping your device charged during the night is recommended.

Remember! Do NOT lock your phone when going to bed. Sleep Time automatically shuts down your screen and puts the phone into power saving mode. If you lock your phone or turn off the screen, Sleep Time will not sense your movement and will then only be able to wake you at the end of the alarm time.

Sleep Time FAQs

Does Sleep Time work if another person or a pet sleeps in the same bed?

Short answer: Yes!

Longer answer: Azumio developed a very sensitive algorithm for sleep time that, if placed close enough to you, will be isolated enough from their movement that it won’t skew the measurement. Of course, if your cat sleeps on top of your phone or if you place the phone on your partner’s side of your bed, the results might be less reliable–as you might have guessed. But if you place the phone on the, ahem, “loneliest” side of the bed, you’ll have sound results.

So there you have it! No need to avoid cuddling tonight.

I got a phone call in the middle of the night. How do I keep things like that from interrupting Sleep Time?

If you want to keep Sleep Time running while you briefly use another app (for instance, if you answer your phone, write a text message, etc.), tweak your settings before you set your alarm tonight:

  1. Go to Settings tab.
  2. Scroll down to “Alarm stop”.
  3. Select the “Hold for off” option.

Now, the next time you need to send Sleep Time to the background for a moment, the accelerometer will stop but the app will still be running. The measurement will basically be on “pause”, and will begin again as soon as you bring it back to the foreground. Just don’t forget to bring Sleep Time back to the foreground before going back to sleep.

To stop the alarm in the morning, you’ll need to hold the stop button for 3 seconds.

How do I delete entries from Sleep Lab?

On your iPhone, the good old fashioned Apple way: swipe across the time/date bar of the entry you’d like to delete, and the delete button will appear!

On Android: open the measurement, and then press the trash icon on the bottom to delete it.

  • PTRK

    Hi Azumio Team, I love your App, but there´sone thing missing: I would like to export my sleep analysis data to my mac to backup and comparison. Could you please integrate this function?

    • azumio

      With the 2.0 release, you can backup your data on the cloud, and sync with another device. We are currently adding Sleep Time export capabilities to our web interface.

  • David Fabian

    I’d like a little analysis or explanation of the sleep graph within the app. For example how well do I stack up with the average sleeping adult?

    • azumio

      Good question, thanks for the feedback! We have a lot of new features planned, so we will see what we can do about adding that to the timeline.

  • Glo

    I tried the app for the first time tonight and was very surprised to see that I had slept all night – as I was up twice to go to the bathroom..?! What went wrong?

    • azumio

      It is hard to know without more data – what did the rest of your graph look like? Was it flat the whole night, or did it register sleep cycles but not hit the “waking” threshold?

  • Net

    Hi, how do I analyse the statistic I get? Those figures must mean something?

    • azumio

      The graph tells you what stage of sleep you were in at various points throughout the night. Deep/REM sleep is the most useful, so you want to maximize that. Efficiency is based on time asleep versus time awake. Let me know if you have specific questions!

  • Alex

    Is it safe to sleep near your iPhone?

    • Sina Jz

      you can put your phone in “Airplane Mode” and it will be totally harmless :)

      • girakul

        What is the best place to have your phone when doing the test? I would not want to break the screen by an accident while sleeping, but I would like to have accurate results too.

        • Frank

          you can put your Iphone inside your pilow bag!

          • girakul

            Which side of the pillow? And what if the pillow is made from tempur material?

  • Ah-Shan Yau

    This is wonderful, now I can check how well I sleep and have a record to alert myself when sleeping too little. Thank you Azumio team!!

  • john_tuesday

    Hey Guys,
    First things first.
    this app is totally awesome ;)

    I just created an account to sync my data.
    As i saw on my Iphone my data is really big and takes a lot of storage.
    Is it possible to snyc the data with a cloud service.

    I started using the app one month ago and already have about 200mb of data.

    Hope you can fix this ;)

    • azumio

      John, the increase in storage space is not from your personal data storage, but from the addition of soundscapes in the latest release. We will figure out a way to compress those files better!

    • Maurice

      Where can you make an account? I use the Android version but I can’t find an account in the app or on this website.

      • Azumio

        Accounts for Android are on the way!

  • Sina Jz

    Hi guys,
    a big thanks to azumio team,
    your app is impressive,
    it really help me start my day FRESH and COOL :)
    I’m using the android version and I hope to see the updates soon ;)

  • 呂泓儒

    Sleep Time was awesome that makes me wake up better. But why the storage so large with just sleep 3 nights? Hope you guys could solve this problem.

    • azumio

      The large amount of storage space used is due to the addition of the soundscape tracks. We
      will figure out a way to compress those files better!

  • alasmedya

    hi. where can i download the app using my pc instead of directly downloading this from google play? thank you in advance.

  • Jenny

    Will it be affected by different types of mattress? these days, mattress are build to absorb most of the movement especially when sleeping next to a spouse

    • Azumio

      The accelerometer will become increasingly sensitive to detect whatever range of movement there is, no mattress is perfectly absorbent. Here is one suggestion though: try putting your phone inside of your pillow case!

      • Frans

        Is there any experience with water beds? I’m considering to buy Sleep Time but would like to know whether the app is working properly.

        • Azumio

          It should work on any bed, given that it can change its sensitivity based on the amount of motion it detects. That said, water beds will transmit more of the movement from other people and animals in the bed, so it may be less accurate if you are not sleeping alone. See what you think and let us know!

          • Roy

            We have a Tempur Memory Foam bed – are you familiar with them? Can the app work properly with them?

  • Jenny

    what if i’m in deep sleep but it’s time to wake up for work. won’t it jeopardise me?

    • Azumio

      The alarm will ring at or before the time you set. If you’re still in deep sleep, then it will wake you up at the alarm time, the same as any other alarm clock – you’re not going to feel any worse than you otherwise would have!

  • dhanu thapa

    i love this app sleep + alarm very much but there new update doesn’t surprise much to me. although it has ass some white noise. i think this app should have good collection of ambient background music and binaural beats so people can fall to deep sleep listening to ambient music and binaural beats for deep sleep.

    Tesla audio science have so many app for deep sleep and other purpose. why not combine those ambient background music and binaural beats to sleep + alarm app.

    this app should recommend solution to user that why user is unable to get efficiency to 100% with deep sleep. it should study the user going bedtime, whether is going to sleep late then inform user to go early. what are the methods to improve good deep sleep as people lying on beed cannot fall in to sleep quickly.

    should be able to select the alarm music from ambient background music.

    eat a lot of battery so need to make this app battery efficient . eat 30 % battery on single use.
    doen’t support background multi task.

    should be able to play ambient background music, binaural beats, white noise, natural relaxing sound at the same time to real feel the nature music to fall in deep sleep fast..

    Any way hope to see in future updates soon

    • Azumio

      Thanks for the great feedback! We have discussed binaural beats here at Azumio, and think it is a great idea. We decided to focus on soundscapes for this release, but there is much more to come. Things like background multitask ability are structural features on iOS, so please speak to Apple on our behalf!

  • Adam Acree

    Unfortunately, for the past week that I’ve been using it, I’ve been woken up at the beginning of the 30 minute window during a deep REM sleep (according to the sleep graph anyway). I thought the whole purpose of this app was to wake you up during a non-REM sleep. It consistently goes off at the beginning of the 30 minute window…I’m on Android Samsung Galaxy S3, btw…

    • Azumio

      We are looking into this, thanks for letting us know!

      • Mellies

        I am also having the same issue. It wakes me up straightaway even if I’m in REM.

      • lbdemoss

        I’m having the same issue also

        • lbdemoss

          By the way: I’m on an iPhone 4, iOS 6

      • Mark

        Same problem here on my sony x8 with android 2.3

    • Harry

      Yep, same here.

  • Chad

    What happens if you have “interrupted” sleep, like waking up to take care of a baby, etc. Does the app take that into account for adjusting the alarm?

    • Azumio

      The alarm is only calculating your lightest phase of sleep during the window before the set time – if you wake up anyway within that period the alarm will go off. Otherwise your sleep pattern earlier in the night doesn’t play a role.

      • Chad

        But if one wakes up multiple times in the middle of the night, doesn’t that throw off the sleep cycles since it would take some time to fall asleep again? Or does the accelerometer “detect” when you’re back into deep sleep? And accordingly, the time that the alarm goes off within that window?

        • Azumio

          Exactly, the accelerometer is constantly taking readings to detect your stage of sleep.

  • Samski

    I’ve been using Sleep Time for quite some time now and I think it’s great!
    However, the latest update introduced an annoying bug which drains the battery during the day even when I turn off the alarm in the morning. In my iPhone settings the battery “Usage” and “Standby” times are equal, which shouldn’t be. When I kill the Sleep Time app from the background, the phone goes into standby properly. How to fix?

    • Azumio

      Samski, thanks for the tip. We’re going to try reproducing it here in the lab. What model and OS version are you using?

      • Samski

        iPhone 4S with iOS 5.1.1. I’ll update to iOS 6 today and see if that makes any difference.

  • Prashant

    Hello,I am using Sleep Time for the last 3 weeks on my iPhone 4 IOS5.1.1. But since I have upgraded it to Sleep Time 2.0.0 version the Alarm Set info is wrong as per the Sleep Lab.

    I set my Alarm for 8 AM and the Sleep Lab shows the Alarm set as 7.30AM. Also then Bed Time , Rise time, etc all are ahead by 30 min when reported. Even the actual wake up Alarm is ahead by 30 mins, excluding the wake up phase of 10min. What’s wrong ?

    BTW the sleep graph is showing all the correct time.

    Can you guys fix this quickly.

    • Azumio

      Thanks for letting us know, we are looking into this now!

  • EmmaWK

    So the alarm went off and I woke up, but I can’t seem to quit the app whether I “Press to stop” the alarm or swipe it in the app manager thingy (Android). I still see it in my notification bar. How can I turn off the app/alarm completely once the alarm goes off?

    • Azumio

      What phone and Android version are you using? We need as much information as possible to reproduce the bug!

  • ally

    My lab only shows 1 hour of data. How can I see the entire night time of sleep?

    • Wolfdreamer101

      I am also experiencing this problem where the graph only shows the last hour of a sleep time for the night. This is on the Android Platform, a Motorola Droid RAZR. Downloaded it from Google Play about 4 days ago and have used it a few nights now, but with the graph only showing the last hour each time.

    • chiselstone

      I’m facing the same issue on my Android

    • Azumio

      Could any of you get us a screenshot?

      • ally

        I will run it again tonight, see if I get anything and send a screen shot. Mine is also a Motorola Droid Razr. I’ve actually tried running it a few times since I first posted, but I have been unable to turn off the alarm. I hit the button and hold it down – I think its not recognizing that I’m holding it down though. The alarm is silenced for one second and then continues. On both occasions when this has happened I ended up just powering down my phone in order to get it to stop.

    • George Araujo

      My Motorola Razr show only after 6 AM

  • Dave

    In my neurology class we learned that 90% of the time peope wake up during REM sleep they report dreaming and 10% during stage 4 sleep. I think they mentioned dreams were not remembered during light sleep. I want to remember my dreams! ha. Been using it a week and not sure if I’m seeing a difference yet.

    • Azumio

      My understanding is that we do in fact remember dreams from light sleep, but they tend to be more vague and less narrative. Personally I remember dreams the best when I’m waking up at the end of a sleep cycle – you go straight from REM into light sleep, then the alarm wakes you up, and the dream you were having is still fresh in your mind.

  • Maxence

    Congrats for your 2.0, any chance to see an API to access to our data remotely ?

  • Mark Beckstrom

    time to update this page. I just downloaded the Android app. Will use it tonight for the first time.

  • caher

    How to set pm or am ?

    • Azumio

      That is part of the beautiful simplicity, you start the app when you go to bed and it wakes you up at the appointed time, whether this is AM or PM! For example, going to bed at 10 PM and setting it for 8 will mean 8 AM.

  • ohiobenz

    I do not see an “advanced” tab in settings.

  • benji

    Cool Apps! but the file generated each night is way too big. I’m seeing csv files of 50mo for a night. It’s the normal size?

    • Azumio

      What OS and phone are you using?

  • adam

    I’m new to the Sleep Time app and can’t seen to turn it off in the morning. I can stop the alarm and exit the alarm screen but when the phone is turned over the alarm is armed and the screen is back. The only way to stop it is by uninstalling it. I have a HTC wildfire s, android 2.35, HTC Sense version 2.1

  • Andres Rodriguez

    Hey great app but why is my rise time: 6:50 my alarm ring: 4:00 am when the alarm was set for 8:45?

  • Sam S

    Hi, good idea, but still needs a LOT of work :
    -You keep storing huge Acceldata files on the user’s SD card. You literally used up 1.5GB of data within a few weeks! And my SD card ran out of space. Give us the option to auto delete after X amount of days.
    -Switching between tabs is painfully slow
    -Need to have more wake up range options.. E.g. what if i want 15 minutes?

    Phone is Tmobile G2. Thanks.

  • Suzi Fairbrother

    My sounds are not working I only can use the first one? Why are the others not working?

    • Azumio

      One soundscape is available in the free version – you can upgrade to the full version and have access to all of them for less than a cup of coffee!

  • appz

    It seems that the app works only when I disable both “screen timeout” and “screen lock”
    namely, “Settings -> Display -> Screen timeout -> Never time out” and
    “Settings -> Location & Security -> Set up screen lock -> None”

    But the app itself does not shut down my screen and keep the screen on all the time!

    Motorola Defy+ Android 2.3.6

    • JohnnySmith0

      My Android 2.3 works with both of them on.

  • Joe Orluck

    I just started using your app, and it works fair. I cant figure out why it does not record or aware that I wake up in the middle of the night around 3:00 AM to use the bathroom. If it is not recording thjis how can I trust any of the data it is giving me?

  • 원구 여

    Hello!! I’m korean(Republic of Korea) and i have a question. i have used samsung galaxy s3 a month ago and the question is that although i set a leather wallet case, this app can be run well?? . please let me know it!! i always wait a reply of yours. actually this app is the best!!! and i realise that i can wake up alone. Thank you !! i love it!!! :)

    • Azumio

      The app will work perfectly through a leather wallet case. I am glad that you like our apps – tell everyone about them! :)

  • Dis_c

    Hey :) great App (I use the iOS-Version) – i have only on question: Is there is there a way to export all the data from the sleeplab? (I am “logged in” and Sync it – can I see it some where?

  • Maxence

    Where can we post our request ?

    Why did you change your icon ?!? The last one was so beautifull, this new one with orange and black shadow is just horrible imo ;_;

    This new Sleep Lab is really nice but is it possible to show how many hours we slept in a week, a month, a year and since we got this appI’m getting many daily report now, it’ll be nice to stack them per month with some stats of this month and why not the same thing for week of a month, we’ll get a better view of our sleep time each month/week of a year.

    I’m an iPhone user of this app and I love your app :o

  • Tory

    I’m having the same issue as an android user, for the past few days that I’ve been using it, I’ve been woken up at the beginning of the 30 minute window during a deep REM sleep (according to the sleep graph anyway). I thought the whole purpose of this app was to wake you up during a non-REM sleep. It consistently goes off at the beginning of the 30 minute window…I’m on Iphone

  • Will

    miss the soundscape of rainforest on the new version. Beside that great, bring it back if you can.

  • Stephen Nichols

    Would be nice to see some sample graphs showing normal/abnormal sleep patterns for comparison to our own.

  • SleepyJoe


    i bought sleep time for iphone months ago and i`m totally impressed. It is the most used app on my phone ;-)

    But a friend of mine who installed it on a htc desire can’t get it working. Sometimes it says something like measurement incomplete, sometimes the whole chart is yellow and says she was awake all night.

    Also the screen locks eventually during the night.

    Is there a way to fix it?

    Thanks for developing great apps!

  • Roy

    We have a Tempur Memory Foam bed – are you familiar with them? Can the app work properly with them?

    • Azumio

      Yes, it absolutely does work, the accelerometer will become more sensitive to adjust for the decreased transmission of movement.

      • Roy

        Thanks for your reply.
        I tried it last night and noticed it got very hot – is this safe and normal?
        Also, I use it on an iPod touch (3 generation) and the screen doesn’t go off when I lay it down – presumably because there is no camera? Have you any tips about this problem?
        Lastly, do you have place on your site where I can view my data? It would be much easier on my iMac than on the small iPod screen.
        So far the app has confirmed what I knew – I’m not getting enough sleep :(

  • Brada

    Hi lovely app but can you use it with an iPad

  • Jack

    Does the app work on my iPhone if I have a case on it..? Might sound a bit stupid, but taking my case on and off at night/morning is just a bit more of a hassle than I would prefer if I didn’t have to.

  • Johan Sjövall

    cool app! i have one problem though, that shouldn’t be too hard to fix? Since Apple released their new Podcaster app, I can no longer fall asleep playing my favorite podcast from within your app. It only supports playlists from iTunes. Any plans to fix this broken link, now that Apple removed my podcasts from iTunes, and put them in an app that SleepTime doesn’t support? OR am I just doin it wrong?

  • Jack

    Does the app work if I have a case on my iPhone? Or would I be required to remove it each time I use?

    • Unknown

      You can leave the case on I have one and app is still great

  • JohnnySmith0

    It woke me up while I was dreaming… I don’t think that’s a good thing?

  • orioli

    I tried for the very first night and the results are pretty good! I’m excited for the coming nights.

  • sleepboy

    There seems to be a problem with the volume when exiting the app. The iPhone won’t return to the ringer volume control unless the app is forced quit. That happens only when the alarm is turned on in the app. Besides that, everything is perfect.

  • anthriani

    what is the difference between +alarm and -alarm? i’ve downloaded the +alarm app but as their descriptions seem exactly the same (including the alarm description) im somewhat confused by this

  • Jan

    Can i view my data online? Where?

  • dvl

    It seems some of the “Soundscapes” have disappeared. There is now only the choice of “waves” or “playlist”. Am I missing something?

    Thanks for the help:)

  • Mellies

    Ever since updating my iPhone 4S to iOS 6, sleep time hasn’t been working right. It doest register when I’m awake during the night anymore (even if I get up and walk around with my phone, using it) and it thinks I’m in rem sleep when I’ve woken up an am just lying in bed. It worked so much better before iOS 6. Not sure why it doesn’t work right anymore. Any ideas?

  • Anne

    I’ve had this app for about four days on a Droid X running Gingerbread, with an Otterbox case, and I sleep on a tempur-type mattress and pillow.

    For the first few days, it would wake me up OK but when I went to start it again the next night there was a “force close” on the screen and I’d have to restart it. This morning I saw that it only records during the half hour before waking. The first part of the night has no data at all. I’ve been turning it on, then putting it on my bed face-down and not touching it again until morning.

    I decided to uninstall and reinstall to see if I could get it to work better, and also get a help screen or tutorial of some kind. But when it re-installed, it stayed stuck on that “open” or “uninstall” screen. Tapping “open” has no effect at all. I’ve tried uninstalling and waiting 5-10 minutes and re-installing several times with the same effect.

    I’m keeping the app for the time being because in principle it seems such a good idea, but as of now it is totally dead and useless.

    What can be done to resolve this?

  • Joy Stevens

    Can I turn my phone on airplane mode whilst using this app over night?

  • John Paul Glab

    How does this app deal with the Do Not Disturb feature in iOS 6?

  • JKwon

    Great app, but after a week of no problems. I ran into quite a big one. The alarm kept on going off as soon as I would back out onto my home screen, regardless if the alarm was on or on. So I had to delete it, which made it even worse. So until I restarted my phone I kept on getting repeat alarm notifications. Please fix this.

  • Kirk


    I have a question about how your app works. I left it running on a table stand mid day for several hours and it showed a sleep pattern that went from awake, to asleep, to deep sleep and then gradually back up again. Obviously there was no move ment, so does the app make assumptions based on sleep start and end times?

  • Douglas Boudreaux

    I tried Sleep Lab for the first time last night (iPhone 5 w/ iOS 6). When I woke up this morning, it recorded almost 8 hours, but recorded all the time as “awake.” Any idea what I did wrong? After reading through some of the earlier posts, could it be that I received text messages and an email after I went to sleep and replied to all of them?

  • haneefmubarak

    I have this app on Android, and while it was amazing, after I upgraded to ICS (on the Galaxy Note I717), the app just freezes or crashes whenever I start the alarm now.

    I certainly hope you are aware of this issue and have a fix on the way. If you don’t, could you at least provide us with a bug fix roadmap?

  • Pete Pawson

    Is it possible to use the soundscapes as a wakeup alarm? If so how? I think they are great and more suitable than any of my music choices.

  • Daniel Tavares

    Hi I hope you can fix this app for android for the huawei ascend g300 when i go to sleep lab and i go to check to results i always get “measurement imcomplete”, and other people with the same model have the same error. I have checked the accelerometer and it is working fine

  • Freak

    Is it possible to make alarm volume progressive during wake up phase?

  • Ethan Connor

    Please make it so the alarm volume can FADE IN…

  • Emma

    Hi, I have tried using your APP for the last 2 nights, each morning i wake up and the graph is not there, and the measurement incomplete is showing… Do i need to run Wifi over night? do i need to disable something else on the phone over night? Could it be that it is under the pillow?

    I am using a Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830i with android version 2.3.6

    Many Thanks

  • Tim M

    I’d like to request the ability to upload sleep data to a third party health/fitness tracking website. Ideally, I’d like to see RunKeeper integration.

  • zoey

    Hi there! I’ve just used this wonderful app last night and honestly I’m pretty excited about using it tonight. I have a question. What does sleep depth on the y-axis of the graph mean? Could you provide a detailed description? Thanks!