New Azumio Report: Average heart rates around the world

Azumio Inc, leader in biofeedback health apps on mobile devices with more than 20 million downloads to date on both iOS and Android platforms, has today unveiled a new report that highlights average heart rates around the world.

View Azumio Report here >

In order to gather more of this type of data, Azumio is asking you to participate!

Just find an activity which you think significantly changes your heart rate, and use the Instant Heart Rate app to confirm it. Here are the steps:

1. Download the “Instant Heart Rate” app by Azumio from the iTunes App Store or Google Play

2. Create an Azumio account using your email address

3. Enter your age and gender – this helps us further classify data

4. Measure your heart rate before the activity you chose, and then in “notes” enter “before ____” where the blank is your activity

5. Perform your activity

6. Measure your heart rate again, and in “notes” enter “after ___”


This report, created by Azumio Inc, analyzed data gathered from Instant Heart Rate across both iPhone and Android. For specific questions please contact

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