Instant Heart Rate Instant Heart Rate The first, fastest, and most accurate
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Instant heart rate
Instant heart rate
Instant heart rate
Instant heart rate
Instant heart rate
Instant heart rate
Instant heart rate
Instant heart rate
Instant heart rate
Instant heart rate

What's in each beat? Heart rate changes with age and exercise.
Drag the slider below to learn what it should be at your age.
Always have access to your heart’s health with Instant Heart Rate.


resting Sitting, standing, or lying down.


Light Exercise Maintenance for a healthy heart.


Weight Loss Burn fat and calories effectively.


Aerobic Increase endurance and stamina.


Conditioning Athletic training and muscle building.


Athletic Elite High performance training & endurance.

If you have two healthy people, exactly the same in physical fitness, age, blood pressure, and so on, the person with the highest resting heart rate is more likely to have a shorter life span.

Dr. Magnus Thorsten Jensen, M.D., Ph.D.

Heart rate reports Premium Detailed analytics help you get in tune with each heartbeat.

Visualize your waveform and monitor heart rate trends with tags and notes.
Medical grade reporting, now available in the palm of your hand.

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Keep track of
your health

Revolutionary StandUp Test™ provides a deep insight into your health. Detailed analysis about your heart’s strength based on how hard it has to work when you stand up.

Used by olympic athletes and professional bodybuilders.


"Works well when I don’t have access to a pulse ox and need to take spot measurements of a patient’s heart rate. Consistently pleased with its accuracy when compared to my medical grade portable ox within 1-3 bpm. In all honesty, it’s far more convenient as well. As a medical professional it is strange to say this - but well done indeed."

Jasmine (Jsn1028)

"I am an avid cyclist and recently I’ve begun to run as well. A heart rate monitor is a valuable tool when participating in any endurance sport. Here, you have a very comprehensive way of monitoring HR, under what conditions, and also a way to track and study the data."

Oscar (Pearlizumi)

"I downloaded this app just for fun. I took my heart rate out of curiosity and was horrified to find that it was only 34, which is far below normal. Next week I will undergo a procedure to correct these ectopic beats, which is my chance to live a normal life. This app saved my life."

Siby (Sibypeedikayil)

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