Argus Quantify your day-to-day

How it works

Automated Run Detection

Never forget to track your run again. Argus’ motion detector automatically starts tracking your run when you pick up your stride.

Track It

Argus tracks your steps, calories, meals, hours of sleep, heart rate, and so much more!

Steps Goal

Argus helps you set and achieve goals. An increase in daily steps has been proven to increase wakefulness, eliminate stress, and provide other numerous health benefits.

Achieve It

Compete with your buddies, follow your heroes, and share your achievements with friends & followers.

Be active & track it

1h 02min 5.46 mi 830 cal


1h 45min 8.46 mi 872 cal

1h 02min 5.46 mi 830 cal

42min 630 cal

1h 15min 430 cal

It's all about you
Argus is all about getting to know the rhythm of your own lifestyle.
Doctors recommend at least 30 active minutes every day.

Find your

Whether you join with a group of friends or meet new ones with the Discover feature, Argus helps you find your niche in the health community.

See where your friends are running or share a workout with your followers. Argus makes it easy to connect with others who have the same health goals.


"I am grateful for the data and the knowledge of how my body is working. I also use the other apps like Fitness Buddy, Sleep Time, and Instant Heart Rate. I like how Argus links to them, keeping all my health data in one place."

Janice (jarsiat)

"I absolutely love this app after many months of use. Take the time to explore and set it you properly as an excellent app that integrates fully with HealthKit and other BlueTooth devices. Integrating to other apps greatly adds activity monitoring and single point reference with an easy to analyze color coded display"

Julie (neuejans)

"I love counting steps. I check it frequently and make sure to hit my goal every day. If I need some extra distance at the end of the day, I walk some more. It’s that simple and very fun to use. "

David (10kEveryDay)

"Such a great motivational app! Has shifted my concept of staying health from tediously counting calories to simply keeping healthy habits, and the results are showing! "

Carl (carlshmarl)

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