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Sleep Time is available on iOS and Google Play.
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How it works

Place your phone in your bed.
Sleep Time analyzes how you sleep.
Wake up in your lightest sleep phase.

Understand your sleep Sleep Time provides insight into your sleep patterns.
By tracking your level of movement throughout the night,
Sleep Time generates customized sleep data in easy-to-read charts.

Typical Night of Sleep

Sleep Time analyzes your movement throughout the night, graphs your sleep cycles, and learns to wake you up at the perfect moment of your lightest sleep phase.


Although this jetlagged user went to bed at 10pm, we can see it was difficult for her to maintain regular sleep cycles throughout the night. She spent a good portion of night awake or in light sleep.

Disrupted Sleep

This user drank a caffeinated beverage before bedtime and took about one hour to fall asleep. Throughout the night, he had abnormal sleep cycles and even woke up once in the middle of the night. Sleep Time helps you analyze how your habits affect your sleep.

Smart Alarm Wakes you up during your lightest sleep phase.

Soundscapes Falling asleep may be difficult if there are constant noise distractions around you. Soundscapes simulate a natural environment and help you drift quickly asleep.

gentle waves

A quiet breeze and gentle waves lapping around ancient volcanic tide pools.

Rain Forest Storm

The wet and drippy sounds of a New Zealand forest during a mild rain shower.

ocean waves

Frothing waves crashing against the shore.

Sleep Insight Reports Sleep Insights is a comprehensive report into your shut-eye. Find patterns between your sleep and other variables in your life.

Bed Time and Efficiency

Staying up late past your normal bedtime can hurt your ability to fall asleep. Know how late you can work and still maximize the efficiency of your sleep with sleep insights.


"Besides lulling me to sleep with the sensual sounds of the ocean, it’s comforting to be aroused in the morning in just the perfect, light way. And I can’t wait to grab it! By just touching the right spot I can re-live the entire night in exquisite detail. "

Diane (Musicle)

"This app is perfect to assist people to wake up feeling refreshed and motivated throughout the entire day. Sleep is so important and this app really helps you improve your rest at night."

Jon (JonRed)

"It’s easy to see the quality of my night’s sleep from a quick glance at the detailed graphs and charts. When needed, I can pinpoint the nights where vivid dreams or stress seem to have affected my sleep, and by just how much."

Cheryl (Dangling Pear)

"Much more pleasant to wake up to than the stock alarm, and somehow I wake up not as groggy. Highly recommended from a chronic snoozer."

David (DFreit808)

Download the App
Sleep Time is available on iOS and Google Play.
Find out why our users love this app & let us know what you think.

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