Argus is Now Online

No longer limited to your phone, your Argus newsfeed can now be viewed on any device with a browser.


By Azumio, Inc.


To help our fellow Argonauts become fitter and healthier, we at Azumio are proud to announce that Argus is now on the web!

Through our newly created Argus web portal, you can bring up your stats, photos, and activity progress on a screen wider than your phone. You can even check up on your friends, favorite posts, and leave motivating comments for one another.

This newly launched feature is easy to use. Simply go to and sign in using the same email and password you have for your Argus account. If you’re unsure what email to use, go to the settings tab in the Argus app and you’ll see which email your account is under.

With the Argus web portal, you can:

  • View your profile in all its glory;
  • Update your status;
  • Post photos;
  • See the latest articles posted on our blog;
  • Check up on fellow Argonauts and comment on their progress;
  • Email support if you’re having trouble;
  • Change your password

So what are you waiting for? Check out your Argus newsfeed online today!