Azumio Acquires Mobile Health And Fitness Developer Skyhealth, Makers Of The #1 Ranked Fitness Buddy And Glucose Buddy Apps


By Azumio, Inc.


With more than 25 million mobile users worldwide, Azumio taps SkyHealth's product portfollio to provide innovative health application solutions to the U.S. market.

Azumio, a pioneer in mobile biofeedback technologies and personal health applications, announced today that it has acquired SkyHealth, the award winning developer behind Fitness Buddy, the number-one ranked Health and Fitness paid app on iTunes, and Glucose Buddy, the most downloaded diabetes app in the world. The acquisition will bring SkyHealth’s product portfolio of more than 15 leading mobile Health and Fitness applications to the Azumio platform, and provide the company with key developer talent. As part of the acquisition, SkyHealth CEO Tom Xu will join Azumio as a partner and head of product development.

Azumio is one of the fastest-growing mobile health developers in the world, offering users a one-stop-shop for health, wellness and fitness applications. As the leading developer of mobile biofeedback technologies, Azumio’s mobile technology solutions enable smartphones and tablets to gain valuable, user-specific information through utilizing the existing sensors and hardware found within current and next-generation smartphones.

“The future of bringing mobile health applications to a wider audience is here, and starts by creating a single source for the best mobile health and fitness solutions,” said Xu. “Consumers can now use their phone to monitor heart rate, stress level, improve workout routines and sleeping behaviors, and even control blood sugar levels. Now, with Azumio, we have the resources and experience to create a mobile health and fitness platform that will impact hundreds of millions of consumers.”

“Smartphones are playing an increasingly important role in helping people improve their health and wellness, but success pivots around ease of access to new solutions – mass adoption will only results from building apps that catalyze motivation and increase user commitment to their health and fitness goals,” said Bojan Bostjancic, Azumio CEO. “Both Azumio’s and SkyHealth’s mobile apps have seen massive adoption because we have been among the first to provide a simple solution to live a more healthy lifestyle, directly from your smartphone.”

Azumio’s Instant Heart Rate, Stress Check, Stress Doctor and Sleep Time apps, along with Fitness Buddy and Glucose Buddy, will see new features and integrations rolled out in the coming months.