Introducing Calorie Mama

Our newest app will make tracking your nutrition easier than ever.


By Azumio, Inc.


We are excited to announce the launch of Calorie Mama, a new food photo app that instantly recognizes your food and simplifies the calorie counting process! Calorie Mama enables you to effortlessly log your food: tap to take a photo, we work some magic, and you just swipe the food to confirm. That’s it! Our app can recognize over one hundred thousand foods, packages and barcodes. It can also detect a variety of global cuisines from Asia, Europe and South America. The more you use Calorie Mama, the more accurate it gets. Get started with this free app now!

Calorie counting is a frustrating process - there’s so much work involved to find the right food entry each time. It’s hard to count calories without a substantial amount of commitment. We know because we have many users logging foods in our Argus calorie counter, but only the most committed maintain the habit. This friction has made it difficult to log food consistently, and people just end up abandoning their goals. The problem is that existing calorie counters have not changed for over 10 years, and the industry has lacked true innovation. We knew that there had to be a better way.

Our core values have always been to help people lead healthier lives through technology. From apps like Instant Heart Rate, where our users can measure their heart rate with only their fingertip, to Fitness Buddy, which helps both novice and experienced athletes plan their training regime and discover new exercises, our priority has always been putting the health of our users first.

We like to tackle difficult problems because we believe solving these issues will have the greatest positive impact on people’s lives. It’s well known through research that knowing the amount of calories you are eating on a daily basis naturally leads to healthier food choices, so we continuously ask ourselves how we can develop cutting-edge technology and continue making an impact in people’s lives.

In the context of fitness and wellness, we envision a world where people can know exactly how many calories they consume with every meal by doing something as easy as taking a food photo. This vision turns out to be an extremely difficult problem to solve. We’ve worked tirelessly to leverage these complex areas known as Deep Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and neural networks to deliver an elegantly simple experience. But we don’t stop the there. Our platform learns and gets better as more people snap photos.

We are incredibly excited to present the future of food identification and calorie counting: Calorie Mama. It’s a groundbreaking technology that will change how people manage the way they eat and log food. Try it now!