Glucose Buddy FAQ

Frequently asked questions on how to navigate the updated Glucose Buddy app


By Azumio, Inc.


Why isn't my data showing up on the website? 

At this time new entries generated in the new glucose buddy application will not be visible on the website. Don’t worry your results are still being stored to your account and can always be accessed from within the glucose buddy application.

We have 2 features you can use to export your data:

- Printable reports found in the More tab

- Export your reports into CSV file by going to

Where can I add blood pressure, A1C, and my body weight? 

You can record these entries by tapping the plus button that's located in the bottom right corner of the screen. You can also log cardio activities such as walking and running, and calories from this plus button. 

Where can I change my glucose units? 

Go into the More tab -> Settings -> Under Data, there will be an option to select blood glucose units. 

How do I delete an entry? 

If you would like to delete an entry, swipe left on the entry and a delete option will appear. 

Why is Glucose Buddy not letting me log in with my username? 

In the new version we are using email addresses for logging in rather than usernames. If you have been using a username to login we have provided a tool to help you transition to using email login. 

- Open the Login Screen 

- On the login screen enter your username and password 

- The application will then provide you with the email associated with that username 

- Enter in the provided email along with your password and you should be able to access your account 

There is no quick sync button. How do I make sure my data is saved? 

With the updated Glucose Buddy, all of your data is automatically saved when your entry is made. There is no need to tap a sync button. 

Can I generate reports? 

You can generate a report by going into the More tab and tapping the “Reports” section. Tap the blue banner at the bottom that says "Generate Report", and you can share your reports by tapping the share icon at the bottom of the screen.  

Write to us at if there are any questions you have that are not listed here. Thanks for using Glucose Buddy!