Staying Hydrated While Boozing

Avoid the nasty hangover effects by staying hydrated while you're out on the town.


By Lauren Weiss


The occasional glass of wine or night of cocktails with friends, in moderation, can easily be part of a healthy lifestyle. However, overindulging in alcoholic drinks without drinking enough water to counterbalance the alcohol can lead to headaches, dizziness, nausea, and a nasty hangover. If you pair that with warmer summer temperatures, you can run the risk of getting heat stroke or alcohol poisoning.

In order to stay hydrated and still enjoy those Moscow Mules, use these tips for getting in some water while you’re boozing.

1. Always double fist – with water

If you’re out at the bar or enjoying a glass of wine (or three) at home, it’s easy to forget to drink water if it isn’t immediately in front of you. A good rule of thumb is to always have two drinks in front of you – one alcoholic drink and one glass of water. Make sure you finish both before starting into that second glass of wine (and grab a second glass of water while you’re at it).

2. Bring the 24-pack (of water) to the party

If you’re at a friend or loved one’s house for a get together and you know there will be plenty of alcoholic drinks available, offer to bring a 24 pack of waters for everyone to have. It sounds silly, but people go for convenience – they’ll be much more likely to drink water if they can easily grab a water bottle, but they may skip the water if they have to find a glass and pour it themselves. Water bottles are also easier to carry around at a party, making it more likely for people to grab them. Keep yourself and your loved ones hydrated and bring the 24-pack.

3. Have extra water earlier in the day

This trick won’t save you completely from getting dehydrated, but it can help. If your plans are already set to go out later in the evening, try to sneak in some extra water throughout the day. Starting off your night slightly dehydrated will only make matters worse, so ensuring that you get enough water before you start drinking can help keep you from getting dehydrated as quickly.

4. Prepare a glass before bed

Before heading out to happy hour or a party, make it easier for yourself by sticking a water bottle or glass of water by your bedside before you leave. That way, when you get home, you won’t have to remember to drink a glass of water before bed – you’ll have already done the prep work.

Going out (or staying in) and enjoying a few alcoholic beverages is not at all a bad thing when done responsibly. Make sure you have a game plan in place to get some extra water in before, during or after you consume alcohol to help prevent the nasty effects of dehydration and hangovers.

Lauren Weiss is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor based out of Long Beach, CA. She specializes in kettlebell training and unconventional workouts and has been working with both types of fitness for over a year. Lauren has her BOLT Kettlebell Sport Certification through the USA Kettlebell League and has expertise working with kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells and several unconventional fitness tools. Lauren received her BA in Journalism and uses her writing expertise to craft thought-provoking articles about trending fitness, health & wellness topics. Follow Lauren on her websiteFacebook, and Instagram.

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Sep 26, 2017

Someday say "I used to do that, but I'n over it". 🦋🌈🏜

Nov 12, 2017

water is the key,have drink,then glass of water also cpl Tylenol night b4--that's in my partying past now, couple do me fine now, unless the bottle of wine is on the 4☆side, (no hangover)then better! ! Best of luck to ya,,

Dec 2, 2017

What the article doesn’t bother to say is you also NEED salt! As U drink it turns off Ur Antidiuretic hormone hence the reason YA GIT to pee a lot!!! Drinks w/ salt like Coronas or Margaritas give U the salt.. add some salt & keep the hormones to NOT pee turned off!!! We all know that salt follows water or in the case 🍷 alcohol.Then no HANGOVERS!!! Ok maybe ya think I’m BS-Ing here! This is med school 101! Look up ADH & How gets shut off when ya drink! Maybe this helps! CHEERS 🍺🍸🍷🥃