Tap into Your Natural Beauty

Find a way to nourish your inner beauty.


By Jannette Vicente Ball


Let’s face it, there are countless products out there that swear they will make you slimmer and give you a more youthful appearance. While I am not here to tell you that any of them work wonders, they all work in some way. They may help you in shedding pounds and making your skin glow, but there’s more to it than finding the ones that work for you and using them with fidelity. For me, running, biking, and walking are the tools I use to stay physically healthy. And in terms of physical beauty, I use natural products that contain anti-aging ingredients that I know work for my skin type and my daily routine.

I want to talk to you about more than the physical aspect of beauty. I know that our society places a lot of importance on outward appearance, but I believe that we can only achieve that by understanding how we feel about ourselves completely. In order to present ourselves well, we need to have some idea of what that looks like for us and how we can go about achieving it. Confidence in our appearance and acceptance of our flaws are necessary ingredients to becoming comfortable with ourselves. So, how do you tackle this?

First, take the focus away from any negatively perceived areas, i.e., your weight, your wrinkles, your hair. Get rid of the negative. Focus on your positive traits that you like, that you are comfortable with, that others notice about you. Take that portion of yourself and make it the center of the “room,” the focal point, the piece you want others to see first.

This is the first step in establishing a positive physical self-image.

Make it your own. I mean it. Don’t take your best asset and try to put it into the media’s idea of how this looks. Doing this defeats the purpose. Make a mental note to jot down the positive comments you get from friends and family about your appearance. You will be using specific feedback to assist you in customizing a look that already suits you and you will begin to feel comfortable in how you present yourself to the world.

For example, my skin is my best feature. I am 50 years old, yet I have no deep wrinkles, age spots, large pores, or blemishes. When others comment on my skin, they point out how healthy it is, about its smoothness, and how it does not match my age. Because I have accepted my skin as a positive aspect of myself, I have, over the years, arrived at the correct formula for keeping my skin healthy.

I started by figuring out my skin type. My skin type is normal; I never suffered from acne or minor breakouts during my teens nor has my skin ever felt tight or dry. Next, I read up on products that contained ingredients that would help condition my skin through the aging process. This occurs at different times for every person, but it starts when our cells begin to lose their elasticity.

I read the labels of popular beauty products, looked up the positive effects of the natural oils contained in them, and then continuously searched for beauty products with more of them and less of synthetic ingredients and alcohols or soaps. What I learned was that by using products (listed below) on my face, hair, and body, I was providing help in moisturizing, relieving stress, and preventing aging related issues throughout my body.

Hyaluronic acid: structural skin component present in connective tissue in our body, assists with cell regeneration

Galanga Leaf Extract: a skin conditioner

Caprylic/capric triglyceride: assists in skin repair and preventing moisture loss

Olive Oil: prevents cell damage

English Lavender Oil: relieves stress and is an anti-inflammatory

Rosemary Leaf Oil: moisturizes and supports healthy collagen development

Geranium Oil: relieves stress and increases circulation

Roman Chamomile Oil: assists in fading scars and acne

Rose Flower Oil: rich in antioxidants, contains vitamin C, assists in smoothing skin

Lavandin Oil: assists in healing wounds faster and also calms dermatitis

Avocado Oil: mimics skin cells the best which causes it to be completely absorbed into the skin upon application

Argan Oil: lightweight oil applied to wet hair to increase manageability and elasticity

Sunscreen: helps protect skin against sun damage

So, I took this wonderful part of myself, studied it, and found out how to enhance it. Doing this took my focus away from any perceived flaws. It helped me to create a balanced perception of my outward appearance. And while these products have helped me to keep my skin healthy, I know that the practical applications to natural beauty are just a part in achieving it.

Natural beauty cannot be found in a jar or a bottle of pills. It’s about finding a balance between personal peace with your physical appearance, positive inner power, and purposeful self-motivation. I believe that we have been created flawlessly and with intent. I believe that every woman I meet has an inherent beauty; her own essence. Once she taps into it, she will truly begin having a profound impact in the lives of those around her as well as her own and others will take notice.

Jannette is an administrator for the Edison Township Board of Education. After undergoing surgery, Jannette suffered from gastroesophageal reflux (GERD). Doctors prescribed medication but Jannette did not want to become dependent on such. She decided to start eating foods to assist in healing. Through this process, she discovered running, biking, eating right, and the use of natural products to assist in aging gracefully. Now, she runs, bikes, and swims with her 15 year old daughter and manages to outlast her on occasion. She is passionate about helping others do the same.

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