The Easiest Way for Busy People to Stay Fit

Overcome the stresses of daily life by making fitness a priority.


By Tesa Johns


Do you ever find yourself so weighted down with work and stress that you can't find time to workout? Being busy can actually be used to your advantage! You may need to look at your schedule from a different perspective. Finding ways to overcome the stressors presented in daily life may help to reduce bad habits.

If you work on your feet and/or are constantly moving, count your steps. This could be a good way to stay motivated and active in the workplace. Use the Argus app to challenge your friends or set goals. If you work a desk job or a job requiring staying in one place throughout the day, there are still many ways to fit in exercise, no matter how busy it may be. Let's take a look at how you get to work. Could you possibly ride a bike, take the stairs, or even park a little further away to get in those extra steps?

Try recognizing what part or parts of your day cause you to lose focus of your fitness goals. Does 2:00pm hit and you find yourself craving chocolate or an unhealthy snack? First determine if you are actually hungry and are in need of a snack, or if you're just bored with what you're doing and want something to eat.

If you’re in need of a snack, make sure to make wise nutritious options like veggies or low calorie options. If you’re bored and searching for some type of stimulus try making green tea for the boost in metabolism or changing up your task to take your mind off hunger.

Maybe you have good control of nutrition goals however cannot find the time or motivation to workout. Try creating a schedule or a way to plan each day to allow yourself time to workout. Getting up earlier and working out before you start your day can instill great motivation. You may find that working out in the morning can lead to a sense of accomplishment. A morning workout can allow individuals to feel more confident and able to handle interactions of their work and home life with less stress. Even if you start your day on the wrong side of the bed, exercise can help boost natural endorphins for extra laughs and smiles throughout your day.

If you're not a morning person and just cannot force yourself out of bed to go to work, let alone the gym, try setting away time in the afternoon for exercise. If your normal routine is relaxing on the couch and binge watching Netflix, try watching your favorite shows while exercising on a cardio machine.

If you step count like mentioned above and reach your daily goal, you could use your gym time to focus on weights and less cardio. If you're thinking, “how can I find time to workout when I can't even find time to think,” then high intensity interval training may be for you. Cardio based bodyweight exercises can take up to 15 minutes of your day and burn as many calories as a 45 minute moderate exercise.

If you exhaust all options and still can only fit in 30 minutes of exercises a day, it's better than nothing!

Tesa is new to blogging, but hopes to make a big impact with her vast knowledge of athletics and experience. Tesa recently earned her bachelor's degree at the Pennsylvania State University. While majoring in Athletic Training and minoring in psychology, she worked with various division one collegiate sports teams. Tesa is continuing her education by pursuing her Master's of Science in Kinesiology with a concentration in sports pedagogy at The Louisiana State University. Tesa is a board certified Athletic Trainer and a Performance Enhancement Specialist. Outside of the training room, Tesa enjoys going on runs and working out for leisure.

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