The Health Benefits of Weightlifting

Here are 4 quick reasons why you should lift some weights today.


By Azumio, Inc.


Are there scientifically-proven health benefits to lifting weights? Is there more to weightlifting than becoming stronger, improving your physique, and gaining confidence? If you are concerned about your health, read on for additional reasons for why you should lift weights!

1. Prevent diabetes, cardiovascular, and metabolic diseases

One  study found that resistance training can reduce the amount of potentially harmful inflammatory cytokines, which may be responsible for the development of certain diseases and disorders that come with age. There is also substantial evidence that weight training may play a role in reducing one’s risk of diabetes, even more so than running.

2. Slow down the effects of aging

Resistance training can reduce muscle mass loss, reduce decreases in testosterone, and improve functioning in older weightlifters. Resistance training may also slow degenerative processes and inflammation associated with aging.

3. Experience fat loss and improved lipid profiles

Resistance training promotes fat loss, leading to reduced risk for obesity, which in turn reduces your risk for many cardiovascular and other diseases. Studies have also found an improvement in lipid profiles in those that routinely lift weights.

4. Improved Immune and Endocrine Function

There is also evidence that resistance training increases activity for natural killer T cells, which play a large role in protecting your body from invaders. In addition, improved hormone profiles have been shown in studies on older men. Subjects displayed lower cortisol levels at rest as well as high testosterone and growth hormone levels.

So the next time you’re looking for a reason to work out, consider the many health benefits you’ll receive by lifting weights today!

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Sep 3, 2015

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