Argus On Android: The Ultimate Activity Tracker

Discover an easier and better way to managing your health.


By Azumio, Inc.


At the forefront of Azumio’s innovative suite of health and wellness solutions is Argus, a breakthrough mobile app that provides a unified picture of your health and fitness unlike anything on the market. Having revolutionized activity tracking for iOS users, Azumio is now excited to announce its release of Argus for the Android platform.

Argus offers Android users the chance to identify health trends as well as gain brand new insights into the cause-and-effect of actions on your body and habits. Utilizing the latest technologies – from motion-sensing and gesture-recognition, to intelligent algorithms that track location and context data – Argus tracks your physical activities like steps, running or biking, easily and accurately. 

Argus can also serve as a food diary. Simply snap a photo of your meal, map it to the provided food groups - fruit, veggies, protein, dairy, grain, fat - and you're done. No need to input portion sizes, calories or menu details. The data is then used to help you change your eating habits to achieve your goal of gaining or losing weight. 

With Argus, you can even achieve your goals with the help of close friends or relatives. Create private groups of friends on Facebook to share your biking, running and workout sessions, as well as photos of the food you've eaten. Each individual entry on the Argus timeline can be shared with your close friends on Argus, or the larger social circle on Facebook as a way to impact your habits and create awareness and accountability. In addition, Argus provides up to three personalized health and fitness goals to track on a daily or weekly basis, and offers suggestions and proactive reminders for encouragement. 

Now operating on both iOS and Android platforms, Argus users can easily translate their health data from one device to another. Argus for Android, like its iOS counterpart, also integrates with existing fitness devices and apps, including Withings' weight scale and FitBit as well as a selection of Azumio's existing apps, including Fitness Buddy, the personal training companion with over 1,700 exercises; Instant Heart Rate, the world's most popular heart monitor; Sleep Time, which monitors and analyzes your sleep cycles; and Instant Fitness, which provides voice-cued home workouts. All of your activities, bio-data, and completed workouts automatically populate in the Argus timeline and can be started directly through the activity menu. 

If your goal is to become more fit, to better manage your weight or to improve your sleep, then Argus is your best health and fitness companion. Discover an easier and better way to managing your health by downloading the Android app today! 

Argus is a free app available today for the Android. To download, visit the Google Play Store. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.