7 Fitness Essentials for Traveling

Make sure these simple items make it into your suitcase as you head out on your next trip.


By Patricia Snook


Do you have a getaway booked? Or perhaps you're travelling to spend the holidays with family and friends? Time spent on the road or in transit can often mean long periods spent sitting and sedentary. Scheduling time for exercise can be a challenge. Stay on track with your fitness goals with these suitcase friendly solutions.

1. Resistance bands

Taking up minimal suitcase space, resistance bands are perfect for hotel room body weight workouts or stretching after a day sightseeing. Prepare a list of exercises in advance of your travels and choose the right level of resistance that works for you.

2. Footwear

Whether you are hiking, hill walking, running or enjoying a lazy stroll during your travels, footwear is crucial. Choose an option which provides the necessary support for your activity. If suitcase space is limited, plan your fitness activities in advance and choose options that can be used more than once.

3. Lightweight Travel Foam Roller

Sore after a day travelling and exploring? Travel sized foam rollers are lightweight and can be packed into your suitcase. With a few basic techniques, you can soothe muscles, preventing injury and aches and pains.

4. Activity Tracker

Biking, hiking and even distance skiing can be tracked using apps like Argus. The great thing about Argus is that it does not require data roaming or usage. Once back at your accommodation, wifi can be used to share your activities and even route maps across social media platforms.

5. Training Clothes

A simple but essential kit can motivate you to get out and stay on track of your fitness goals. The right items can prevent injury and provide comfort while you explore a new location. Durable and functional items can even be worn while in transit on planes or during long car journeys for added comfort.

6. Foldable Travel Yoga Mat

Foldable yoga mats take up minimal space and weight allowance, giving you a defined area to exercise whether it be with our Fitness Buddy in a hotel room or a drop-in class.

7. Travel Water Bottle

Keeping hydrated while travelling is essential and a lightweight space saving water bottle is a must. Vapur bottles are BPA free, lightweight and fold away when empty.

Patricia founded AWS in 2008 as a means of sharing and documenting her health journey. Diagnosed with familial hypercholestrolemia as a teenager she has worked with nutritionists and sports professionals to holistically alter the expression of her epigenetic markers. Out of AWS grew the Urban Farmer which showcases her passion for gardening and self sufficient living. When Patricia is not gardening you will find her cooking, rock climbing and hiking.

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