The Benefits of Strength Training

With strength training, you can potentially lose weight while becoming stronger and more confident.


By Caroline Tarnofsky


As a woman in her early twenties, people frequently ask me, “Why do you strength train?” There are many misconceptions in the world of lifting weights. Most women have never attempted strength training due to the fear of “looking too much like a man,” or they believe they will gain weight, even when they are trying to lose weight. Women have also told me they are too intimidated to lift weights because the men around them are twice their size, pumping heavier weights than most women could ever imagine lifting. Despite these thoughts, there are many convincing reasons to start strength training.

With the proper diet, you can lose weight, rather than gain weight. Scientifically speaking, with all workouts and attempts to lose weight, energy balance plays a large factor. As long as you are not putting more calories in your body than you expend, you will not gain weight from strength training.

By building more muscle mass, the body creates an increased resting metabolic rate- meaning the body continues to burn up fat even when the strength training session has ended. However, without proper nutrition, weight loss will not always occur from lifting weights.

Aside from weight loss, strength training also helps to increase bone strength. Those who partake in strength training at least three days a week are at a lowered risk for developing osteoporosis or other bone diseases. Individuals suffering from osteoporosis are recommended to strength train to help lessen the effects of the disease.

Not only will strength training help you potentially lose weight, become stronger, and lower your risk for disease, but you will also feel more confident about yourself. Strength training is not just about making the body look stronger and be healthier; it is also about strengthening the mind. When results begin to show a few weeks after starting a strength training program, confidence levels will rise and you will no longer feel intimidated, rather empowered by the people training next to you in the gym.

Even if you do not think strength training is for you, it does not hurt to give it a try. If you have never strength trained before, begin by researching basic plans for strength training. There are many great websites with free plans and step-by-step directions on how to perform each exercise safely.

However sometimes the internet can become overwhelming. Many people begin their new strength training journeys by hiring a personal trainer. It is important to find a trainer that is knowledgeable and you can trust to help you reach your goals. Hiring a personal trainer is also a good idea to help make sure you are receiving proper nutrition to supplement your strength training plan. There is no better time than today to give strength training a shot and reap the benefits of weight loss, increased bone strength, greater confidence, and much more!

Caroline Tarnofsky is a graduate of Transylvania University in Lexington, KY. Caroline graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. While in college she discovered fitness gave her the ability and knowledge to maintain a healthy lifestyle while balancing studying and work. Caroline currently provides her private training clients with the workouts and nutrition programs they need to reach their goals and maintain optimal health. She also facilitates online fitness challenges for people around the world who want to make a change in their lives. When she is not working with her personal training clients, Caroline consults for families to show them how to maintain a fitfam regardless of their hectic schedules. Caroline aspires to own her own fitness facility teaching all aspects of optimal health and guiding people to a proper work life balance.

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