Focus on Health, Not Weight

Don't let what you see on the scale keep you off-track with your health goals.


By Christin Passarelli


It’s easy to continue working out regularly when the pounds are falling off, but when they are at a standstill, things become a little more challenging. The frustration of putting forth all of that effort without a result is a big reason people skip workouts and then eventually stop exercising altogether. This is why we need to focus on health, not weight. Focusing on these things can help keep you on track with your workouts.

Don’t get me wrong, losing weight is great. Watching numbers steadily decline can be exciting, but there is so much more going on than that. When the scale stops moving, it doesn’t mean your body isn’t getting sculpted. It’s important to not overlook the things that are occurring even when weight loss isn’t happening.

Stamina greatly increases with regular workouts. The Institute of Health and Biometric Innovation found that even when people don’t lose their target weight, their aerobic capacity increased. The study also found that waist size, blood pressure, and resting heart rate decreased while the mood of the patients increased. These health benefits are far more important than a number on a scale.

This is true even when weight loss has plateaued. For instance, runners will notice they can run for an increased amount of time or with increased intensity. This type of exercise will also help the body create lean muscle mass, which may be a reason weight loss is static. Recovery time will also be decreased. If your aerobic exercises have remained the same, kick it up a notch and see how much more you can do. This will show how your body, including your heart, have become stronger and able to tolerate a tougher aerobic exercise. Not to mention, your plateaued weight may change with the increased rigor.

With weights, regular exercise will help increase repetitions and weights lifted. The workout will feel easier and not as taxing on the body. Using a kettlebell while doing squats will be challenging at first, but when done regularly, becomes easier.

Circuit training can have a great benefit because all parts of the body will be targeted. Not to mention that the workout will be done quickly, but the weights can increase along with reps while the time limit stays the same. In addition, bone density will increase. The risk of several diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes, also decrease with regular exercise.

So, if your weight is all that you’ve been measuring, there are other ways to see the effects of workouts on the body. Check your BMI for changes, monitor cardio improvements, and track weight lifting increases. You can log your weight loss, weight reps and pounds, and track running distance all through Argus. You can then look back and look at how much healthier your body is and how much your workouts have improved.

Noticing these health improvements will far outweigh your weight.

Christin currently teaches English in a Chicago suburb. Her time as a teacher helped her understand the importance of physical and mental health. Because of her interest in health, she went back to school and received a Masters of Arts in School and Community Counseling. With a desire to help others, Christin began blogging in the hopes of showing others how physical health can lead to a happier life.

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