Micro Workouts Are The Future

No matter how busy you are, you can squeeze these workouts in.


By Josh Tarnofsky


9 minutes a day will not only keep the doctor away, but also keep you looking sexy!

A new workout trend is exploding and if you have yet to try it then now is the time. Instead of working out for an hour or two 3 - 4 times per week, people are using micro workouts to supplement their gym routine.

This works especially well if you have a super busy schedule or just hate going to the gym.

Out of the micro workouts I have experienced, Steph Hendel’s “ 9 Minute Workout Challenge” from is the great. And the coolest part is they are live everyday!

I love Steph’s 9 minute series because she uses compound body toning movements and has a strong fat burning cardio element in her routines.

The key to achieving the body you desire with only 9 minutes a day is consistency and compound movements. It sounds too good to be true, but honestly people are having amazing results! Check out my blog “ No Pane Is Sane” to get an even better understanding of why these micro workouts are so effective.

Most workouts are comprised of an upper body move, lower body move, and a cardio move. They rotate through this circuit every 60 seconds for 9 minutes. Here is an example of Steph Hendel’s 9 minute workouts:

Jump Squats or Body Squats- 60 seconds

Superperson Push Up or regular push up- 60 Seconds

Jumping Jacks- 60 seconds

*Repeat this pattern for 9 minutes straight.

It’s impressive how much these workouts get your heart rate going, muscles working and metabolism burning.

At first glance, I thought these workouts only worked because people who never wanted to prioritize their health were finally doing something, but upon seeing the transformations regular gym goers are having after just 1 month, I’m a believer.

Of course, me being a yoga and mobility junkie, my disclaimer is to not give up your yoga or regular mobility practice. Even though you will be getting great results from these 9 minute workouts, we still must remember our tendons, ligaments and joints are going through intense periods of pressure.

Just because you are working out less doesn’t mean your body doesn’t need proper maintenance.

Fortunately, Steph and the other micro workout leaders have specific days that you can work on mobility and flexibility within their routines, so if you are one of these people who always manage to forget to foam roll, then never fear. They got you!

The fun thing about the micro workout concept is that every day is something new and different. It’s like trying a new flavor of ice cream everyday and having just enough to satisfy you so that you are ready for a new flavor tomorrow.

And of course, these circuits can be utilized more than once a day for all those over achievers who love working out more than 9 minutes a day. Not to mention these workouts make a great break from work.

I would go as far to say these workouts go above and beyond coffee when you need a boost of energy. Many times when I’m spending long days on the computer creating new content for the world, I will jump up for 9 minutes of compound movement and cardio, and I’m back in the game for another several hours!

Share these new workouts with family and friends and start spreading the health to everyone daily.

Josh was born and raised in Lexington, KY. He played collegiate soccer at Transylvania University where he also studied business and psychology. Upon graduating college in 2002 he chose to begin a professional career as a restaurateur. Josh watched his business grow exponentially over the course of a decade, while he watched his health steadily declined. In 2011 Josh developed a mysterious disease, that modern medicine could not explain. He decided to embark on an optimal health journey to discover a cure. His journey lead him to receive his certifications as a personal trainer, RKC Kettlebell instructor and Yoga Alliance instructor. Josh’s unique combination of business, personal training and ayurvedic nutrition experience organically spawned a system that is guaranteed to upgrade the life of everyone from office executive to professional athlete. Josh now pursues his passion in teaching others to find their perfect work, life balance.

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