Fit to a Tea

Enjoy a cup of matcha green tea and reap all the health benefits.


By Tesa Johns


Zen monks know a lot about living long and unstressed lives. One of their secrets: drinking matcha green tea.

People have been drinking green tea in Japan for more than 1,000 years, and it became an important part of the Japanese culture. They started cultivating tea in the shade and this became matcha as we know it today. Zen Buddhist monks drank the tea to remain alert and calm during long hours of meditation. Japanese tea leaves grow in the shade to increase chlorophyll content. These chlorophyll-rich leaves are then handpicked, steamed, dried and ground into a fine green powder with lots of health benefits. One cup of matcha green tea has as many antioxidants as 10 cups of regular tea! Matcha has super power strength including the ability to be metabolism-enhancing, stress-reducing, immune-boosting, and cholesterol-lowering!

Those numbers are off the charts. Matcha green tea possesses antioxidant levels 6.2 times that of goji berries, 7 times that of dark chocolate, 17 times that of wild blueberries and 60.5 times that of spinach!

And that's not all! Matcha's has a long list of other benefits!


One of the locations in the world where people live the longest is Okinawa, Japan. The Okinawan people's longevity has been partly attributed to regular consumption of Matcha Green Tea. Matcha green tea is the most popular green tea in Japan, but is rapidly gaining more popularity throughout the world because of its ability to combat inflammation, oxidation and aging.

Lower LDL “Bad” Cholesterol

A 2011 study featured in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition demonstrated that administration of green tea beverages or extracts significantly lowered serum total cholesterol and LDL.

Weight Loss

Green tea extract is rich in catechins, has thermogenic properties, and promotes fat oxidation beyond what is explained by the tea's caffeine content.

It was found that consuming green tea increased thermogenesis (the body's rate of burning calories) from 8-10% to 35-43% of daily energy expenditure.

Another study demonstrated that exercising immediately after drinking matcha green tea resulted in 25% more fat burning during exercise.

Both studies suggest matcha green tea can enhance both resting metabolic rate and fat burning - look at those super powers!

It may take time to get used to matcha’s flavor, but in time you will give in to the power of the tea!

So where can you buy this oh so special powder? Matcha green tea is available as a concentrated powder and can be found at health food stores or even Target or Amazon.

I recommend organic matcha, because it is produced without any artificial fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. Add it to smoothies, protein balls, baking, or really anything you can add a powder to. Go ahead and reap the benefits!

Tesa is new to blogging, but hopes to make a big impact with her vast knowledge of athletics and experience. Tesa recently earned her bachelor's degree at the Pennsylvania State University. While majoring in Athletic Training and minoring in psychology, she worked with various division one collegiate sports teams. Tesa is continuing her education by pursuing her Master's of Science in Kinesiology with a concentration in sports pedagogy at The Louisiana State University. Tesa is a board certified Athletic Trainer and a Performance Enhancement Specialist. Outside of the training room, Tesa enjoys going on runs and working out for leisure.

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