5 Ways To Exercise And Have Fun

Have more fun exercising by spicing up your workout routine.


By Azumio, Inc.


While it’s common for one to view working out as an inconvenience, an important key to exercise motivation is not looking at it as traditional “exercising”.

The word “exercising” has all sorts of connotations that go along with it: work, time, effort, and pain. But there a few things you can do to switch up your fitness routine so you can see exercise in a more positive, fun light! Here are a few fitness tips to get you off of the couch and into the gym: 

1. Make a playlist that gets you going. 

Whether your thing is Jay-Z, Adele or obscure indie artists, music is a great way to inspire you to exercise. And no one likes to hear the same song over and over again. Switching up your playlists prevent your workout from becoming boring, monotonous, and repetitive. 

2. Find a workout buddy. 

Working out with a friend has its advantages. Friends are great for ‘friendly’ competition and staying motivated. Scheduling your workouts with a friend also allows you to kill two birds with one stone: spend time with a person you enjoy and stay fit! 

3. Take a New Class. 

Find something that interests you. Yoga, dancing, pilates, kickboxing, karate, and aerobics are all fun classes you can take that will help you burn those unwanted calories! Classes also offer you the guidance of a fitness professional. If you need a little extra push, your instructor should be willing to be the one to assist you. 

4. Move Your Elliptical or Stationary Bike in Front of Your TV. 

A simple fix to a lazy situation. Instead of lounging around in your recliner, sit on your elliptical or exercise bike. Even if you’re moving slowly, you’re still moving and you wouldn’t be had you sat back in that dusty old recliner. 

5. Download Fitness Buddy to discover new, exciting lifts and exercises. 

Our mobile app, Fitness Buddy, provides you with new experiences both in and out of the gym that help you exercise. With more than 1,700 unique exercises and more than 1,000 HD videos, you’ll never get to the gym and ponder your exercises again!

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