The Forgotten Core Workout

Build up your core and stability for functional strength and to help avoid injury.


By Cori


All too often when we do a “core workout,” we only really think about our abs. Sometimes our glutes get some action, but usually we don’t consider all of the other parts of our core that are so essential for true functional strength and preventing injury.

It is important that we truly work everything from our shoulders to our knees, down our frontside AND our backside. Your inner thighs, glutes, lats are all too often not worked when we do core-focused workouts and they should be!

That is why I wanted to share this Forgotten Core Workout. This workout targets many of the areas we really don’t think about working during our core workouts. It helps build true core strength and stability to help prevent pain and injury up and down our body!

The Forgotten Core Workout

Set a timer for 20 second intervals. Complete 3 rounds of each circuit without resting between exercises or rounds. Then rest up to 1 minute and move on to the next circuit!


20 seconds Squat Jump Scissors

20 seconds each side Side Plank Adductor Lift *

20 seconds Glute Bridge with March

20 seconds Peek-a-boo Crunch


20 seconds each side Side Lunge to Leg Lift

20 seconds Posterior Plank

20 seconds Lower Ab Criss Cross

20 seconds Reverse Snow Angels

* To modify, try the Side Lying Leg Lift. To advance, try the Bench Adductor Lift. All are shown in this video.

Try this workout even when you’re short on time. It is just 10 minutes, and you can even break it down and do only one circuit as a finisher on top of your current workouts!

Cori is the owner of Redefining Strength, a functional training facility in Orange County, California focused on helping each client find their strong. She started training and writing a fitness blog in 2011 because she wanted to empower people through diet and exercise so that they can lead healthier, happier lives.

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