Hybrid Exercises For A Full-Body Workout

Forget buying exercise equipment, hybrid exercises are the way to go.


By Cori


You don’t need an hour or a ton of equipment to get in a great full-body workout. All you really need are some Hybrid Exercises and your own bodyweight!

What are Hybrid Exercises?

Hybrid Exercises are exercises that combine two basic movements so that you can work more muscles at once. These exercises give you more bang for your buck in less time because they work multiple large muscles at once and even get your blood pumping at the same time.

You may be thinking that these are simple compound exercises, but they aren’t! Hybrid Exercises are movements that combine two compound exercises together so you flow between them. They help you work as many muscles in as many ways at once as possible so you get more out of the time you have to workout!

If you’re looking for an efficient full-body workout so you don’t have to spend more than 25 minutes working out, then you need to try this bodyweight workout using Hybrid Exercises!

The Strength Intervals Workout Using Hybrid Exercises

Set a timer for 20 second intervals. You will complete one move for 20 seconds, move straight to the next move for 20 seconds, then rest 20 seconds before repeating. Complete 5 rounds, then rest 1-2 minutes, and move on to the next series. You can also do only 2 or 3 of the circuits if you are extra short on time and want a 10-15 minute workout!


20 seconds Jump Squat Bulldog

20 seconds Push Up Walk Back

20 seconds Rest


20 seconds Bird Dog Push Up

20 seconds Roll to V-Up

20 seconds Rest


20 seconds Lunge Burpee

20 seconds Side Plank Hip Dip with Rotational Reach

20 seconds Rest


20 seconds Squat to Lunge

20 seconds Superman Banana

20 seconds Rest

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Cori is the owner of Redefining Strength, a functional training facility in Orange County, California focused on helping each client find their strong. She started training and writing a fitness blog in 2011 because she wanted to empower people through diet and exercise so that they can lead healthier, happier lives.